Which ram slots to use

which ram slots to use

I have always seen that the motherboard RAM slots are colored in pairs, but never knew what it meant. Is there an order how should I install RAM to the board? How to Use All of Windows 10's Backup and Recovery Tools. More about matter dimm slot put ram. clutchc Jul 13 But no, it doesn't make any difference which pair of matching lots you use. Some boards'. From the page you linked to, go to CPU / Memory / Support & Downloads, select the manual. On the fourth page it shows the numbering of the. which ram slots to use DIMM Slot' Computers RAM 8gb ram ram slot Motherboards Memory. First user manual and check how slots spiel ffe described. About Us Contact Us Discussion Forum How-To Geek Pro Advertising Privacy Policy. Jglass Jul 14,4: The good news is that the System readings are showing 8GB in both configurations, from the moment of installation whether dual channel or "single" channel where sticks are right beside each. Here's how it works: Subscribe to Tom's Hardware.


How to Install Memory (RAM) into a Computer

Which ram slots to use - Aces Casino

Now, Slots 1 and 3 did allow the computer to POST, but i was wondering if i would get better performance out of slots 2 and 4. I currently have a MSi za gaming m5 motherboard, and I installed my ram in slots 1 and 3. Which slot dimm slot should i put my ram in forthe best performanc? DIMM Slot' Computers RAM 8gb ram ram slot Motherboards Memory. Best answer USAFRet Nov 29, , 7:

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